Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've no real idea how this episode of Venture Bros turned out as we've no cable TV but I do know how tough this show was to produce.

Mid-way thru the original final episode, Mr Publick told us that he'd actually got the green light for a one hour finale... WHOO HOO!!! We were beyond thrilled. I've always felt that this show needed more minutes and and hour seemed like a perfect starting point (actually, what I'd really love is something more along the lines of 90 mins!).

Anyway, production on the original season closer had to stop to allow for Doc and Jackson to write the new ending. Five weeks later, we're back cranking out the revisions like there's no tomorrow. We had three weeks to complete everything, which I always knew was going to be an impossible task (normally on a half hour show we have two weeks for revision). This was an hour long episode and we only had three weeks, did I mention it was also the season finale?!

And it was impossible, for the storyboard revision team anyway. Due to going well over the original three weeks schedule and what with the subsequent budget restrictions, we weren't even allowed to finish the episode. So poor Jackson Publick had the momentous task of completing any unfinished notes (and I can tell you there were many) on the last few scenes from the prom and whatever else popped up.

And fair play to him... from the few clips I've been watching online, he did a mighty fine job. He's definitely the most hard working, dedicated creator/directors I've ever worked with.

So I'd just thought I'd post the following sequence. This was before heading back for the three weeks revision. JP asked if I could help out by cleaning up his thumbnail drawings. And the following is just one tiny sequence I did for him. I haven't seen this sequence online anywhere but I presume it's still in the final episode. I may post some of the others in the days to come.

Huge thanks goes out to my revision team. Tom Connor, who was also heavily involved in storyboarding an episode or two of this season and Abigail Nesbitt. And from the design team, Danny Hynes who gave s a massive dig out. And from the awesome Robotomy crew, assistant director, Todd Myers.

That is all!
x Shivers


Claire said...

The finale was truly epic. I loved it!

And yes, that sequence is still in. :)

Shivers said...

Oh great! Thanks, Claire.

Anonymous said...

T'was an amazing season! Awesome work!