Tuesday, November 9, 2010


From "storyboard guru", Stephen DeStefano's private collection comes one hell of a sequence!

This is a rare, one of a kind, storyboard sequence from season 3, The "ORB" where Brock visits Hunter Gathers, who is working as an exotic dancer after his sex change.

Stephen bumped up this sequence with 34 original Post-it drawings.
It's sexy hot, don't ya think?! Man, I just love Hunter :D

Anyway, its up now on eBay, please take a look and place a bid if you can. All funds will go towards our Lola's vet bills which are getting higher and higher by the day.
So, many many thanks if you can bid. x

That is all!
x Shivers


Anonymous said...

Hi! Next time I'd suggest you break these up. I definitely would have bid on one, but I don't have room for more than that.

Shivers said...

Well, it was hard to break up this sequence, but keep checking back. I'm sure we'll have single items for sale soon :)