Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's for Lola!

We understand that some people have asked about making a donation towards Lola's medical bills. This is extremely kind of you, so we've set up this page for any of you who would like to contribute.

Lola sends you kisses!

The update on Lola that she is now out of the hospital, after being in the Intensive Care Unit at NYC Veterinary Hospital from Friday, November 5th til Monday, November 8th. Although it had been suggested that she might have cancer, results of the biopsies from her operation have returned as negative. We are, of course, grateful for these results. However, it's clear Lola is still suffering from a mystery malady, and her doctors have narrowed it down to one of three things, the first of which is potentially extremely serious. We are still waiting for her final results.
Until then, Lola's showing great signs of recovering from her operation. She's giving us the stink eye up and down for keeping her in her kitty cone.

It's been a trying and intense month, so once again, we are extremely grateful for your support and concern!

Siobhan and Stephen DeStefano

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