Monday, July 30, 2007

My mood today, so lovingly captured ( least I think lovingly) by the ever delightful Carly Monardo!

Thanx luv!

xx Shivers

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tom Connor

Awwww I just found these... they're of Tom Connor (& Maurice Fontenot) in the kitchen of my place telling a story like only Tom Connor can tell a story.... wonderful!


So... is this an original Kaws Michelin Man stencil?!!
I suppose it could be a stenciled homage?! Either way, its pretty cool!

I know
KAWS (Brian Donnelly) lives in Brooklyn and this was taken out in Williamsburg last summer so I've always wondered.
Interesting guy from what I can remember of him. Very quiet. Its great that he made such a huge name for himself with this type of art and good on him, I say!

Now where's me spraycan... I'm sure I can make this leprechaun stencil work the same way....

Thursday, July 12, 2007


The is one of my favourite shots of Jessica, a.k.a. SHE-RAH, my room mate and not because she has her back to me :D
It was captured at a Gnarls Barkley gig in Central Park the summer of '06.

On Brooklyn Bridge

These four photo's were taken after an attempted journey home, by train, from a Summer Stage event in Central Park, June 16th '07. All the trains back to Brooklyn had mysteriously been suspended so I decided to make the trek home over the Brooklyn Bridge by foot instead of catching a cab.

Walking the bridge is something I've always loved doing but the light on that particular evening was just wonderful.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Rock & Roll!

Hmmm... the best shots of my musical buddies always seem to be down in the subway system. It does seem to make a rather good backdrop.

First one here is of an old college buddy of mine, Shane Ó Fearghail, who joined me for St. Patrick's Day 2007. If my memory serves me right, this was taken on the number 6 train.

And Sir Ian Prowse of Amsterdam...

I quite like this 2nd shot... I love the way everyone but Ian in this photo is calm and/or still. Even the train... that's pretty unusual for New York City, especially West 4th.

But the look of the guy sitting on the train makes this shot for me.

For Lauren

OK... here's another... This one's for Lauren.

Flock of Seagulls?!

This was taken at a Kasabian gig in NYC, Sept/20/2006.

I love that he let me take his photo but I think his girlfriend wasn't all that pleased... you can just about see her in the backround... I love her expression.

You can't really tell from this angle but his hair curled forward... he obviously spent hours on it before leaving the house!

I actually saw them again about 2 weeks ago on Smith St in Brooklyn and was rather disappointed to see that his hair was in a very ordinary, nay boring style... boo! He must save all his hair gel up for special occasions!

Double Trouble

The Roscetti boys... Jon & Matt. Taken at Katz Diner NYC November 2005.

More Stranglers

A few more of the boys...

The top 3 photo's of Baz Warne were taken in NYC, November 2005 and the last one is of Jean Jacques Burnel. Taken at Guilfest, Guilford in the UK, July 2006.

As was this one, from the hot and sweaty section of the crowd...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Greetings from Asbury Park

Honest to God, I didn't plant this feather in the boardwalk of Asbury Park, New Jersey! It was just there all on its owny own! So down on me belly I got to snap this shot.

This may in fact be used for a CD cover (I seriously doubt it though) for a band called Amsterdam, who are also good friend's of mine from the UK.
Anyway, here's the mock up that I made for them... you'll have to excuse the fake album title... it is only a mock up after all!

I managed to snap this fella at one of NYC's Summer Stage events (the gig was hopeless and I can't even remember who was on stage at the time).

I love his fro comb!

Oh Lord, what next?!

Houston St, NYC, summer 2005. One for my mum... NOT!

The Stranglers

This will more than likely be the only drawings that I'll put on here. They're of my good friends The Stranglers. From left to right, JJ Burnel, Jet Black, Baz Warne and Dave Greenfield. The top one is the last drawing I did of the four, Baz Warne who a few of you managed to meet when he was over here in 2005.

Anyway... the design for the four of them actually made it onto the back of a mad fan as a tattoo... I was pretty chuffed at that. I must see if I can actually get a photo of it to include here too.

Hope you like 'em!

One of my favourite photo's that I've ever taken... I love candid shots and this guy was completely unaware of me snapping away (actually I think this was my one and only shot of him). But I was really pleased with the foreground elements for this one too, especially as I managed to frame both of his feet between the man sitting on the left and the Ho King Broccoli on the right while bouncing around on the subway!

Now this handsome fella (who would probably like nothing more than to take my head off) was staring at me from a 5th floor apartment building opposite my bedroom in Brooklyn!

Hmmm I must have a look for the long shot as you don't really get a sense of where he actually is...


Mickey Metropolis

Here's T-Bone (Tom Bayne) with his Mickey Mouse ears in what I call... Mickey Metropolis. Interesting use of light for this one that I just happened to notice when he was posing for another shot.

Toy Tokyo

This photo was taken in that Japanese comic/model store that's above Love Saves The Day in the East Village around July 2005... for the life of me I can't think of its name (Danny Hynes has just informed me its Toy Tokyo... ta luv!).

A pretty easy photo to capture as nothing was moving but I just loved the colours.