Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Stranglers

This will more than likely be the only drawings that I'll put on here. They're of my good friends The Stranglers. From left to right, JJ Burnel, Jet Black, Baz Warne and Dave Greenfield. The top one is the last drawing I did of the four, Baz Warne who a few of you managed to meet when he was over here in 2005.

Anyway... the design for the four of them actually made it onto the back of a mad fan as a tattoo... I was pretty chuffed at that. I must see if I can actually get a photo of it to include here too.

Hope you like 'em!


Jon Roscetti said...

I only remember seeing you draw the shot of Baz, so these are all new to me. I love the shading and BG effects on JJ and Jet, especially Jet's beard. What I really love though, is the eyes... I wouldn't have guessed you would approach them like that! MORE MORE MORE! ;)

Lovelace said...

Dot eyes rule.