Sunday, July 29, 2007


So... is this an original Kaws Michelin Man stencil?!!
I suppose it could be a stenciled homage?! Either way, its pretty cool!

I know
KAWS (Brian Donnelly) lives in Brooklyn and this was taken out in Williamsburg last summer so I've always wondered.
Interesting guy from what I can remember of him. Very quiet. Its great that he made such a huge name for himself with this type of art and good on him, I say!

Now where's me spraycan... I'm sure I can make this leprechaun stencil work the same way....


Lovelace said...

Ouch I scratched my fingernails on that rough stucco and that tireman is messing with my dreams. This is the sign of True Art.

Kanokadafi said...

Kaws One he's the man, definitely one of the dudes I look up to. check out his blog


Looks awesome... Williamsburg has a ton of great stuff like this. I took a trip out there last year and filled my camera to the brim- so to speak. Good times.