Thursday, July 12, 2007


The is one of my favourite shots of Jessica, a.k.a. SHE-RAH, my room mate and not because she has her back to me :D
It was captured at a Gnarls Barkley gig in Central Park the summer of '06.


Kanokadafi said...

Yeahy, everyone hearts themselves some Jessica, I haven't seen here in a while. I also didn't know you where bloggin shivers, I'll keep an eye out.

Italodisco said...

Hello! Do you like music? 80s music? Come to my desire,

mike said...

hey! yea! now we can be blog friends!

sdestefano said...

Hello! Do you like the Billy Joel? Do you like the Beatles, but more the McCartney and not so much the Lennon? Do you like BeeGees, and know which among them are living and which among them are no longer living?
Come desire my blog!

Shivers said...

Oi DeStefano!!!! Get outta it!!!! Go on... GET... YA HEAR ME?!!! hahaha

Right... now I'm gonna look up the Bee Gees and earn that $5!

xxx Shivers