Saturday, January 2, 2010

If you have 3 minutes...

This is a trailer for the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD of THE ANIMALS FILM.
Shockingly relevant to today, the controversial classic film about the exploitation of animals in modern society, narrated by Academy Award Winner Julie Christie.

And a podcast from the BBC...

"It was 28 years ago that the documentary maker Victor Schonfeld produced The Animals Film about the way humans exploit other species. He returns to the subject in a two-part documentary to give a very personal view on what, if anything, has changed since then.

In the first programme he looks at the use of animals for food and turns to experts in fields such as psychology, history, language and neurology to find out why humans seem so attracted to eating meat.

Next week, he focuses on the scientific establishment's attachment to using animals, and considers the future. Might social justice for other species actually benefit humans?

Mike and the usual One Planet team are currently on a short break to prepare for the next series. But they will be back the end of January. You can keep up to date with developments at One Planet HQ by joining in the conversation on Facebook - the link's below. Or alternatively, email the team at"

That is all.

x Shivers

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