Friday, November 20, 2009

Venture Bros Episode 40

For all those interested,
here's another section of storyboards that I revised for episode 40, with one of my favourite characters from season 4.1, Captain Sunshine.
I really enjoyed drawing this section.

That is all!
x Shivers


Ian Jones-Quartey said...

ooh ooh i directed this one! i remember purposefully grabbing it before anyone else cause it looked so good! the tilt truckout on "you're not fighting a boy now!" was my favorite part.
its really cool to see the boards all next to each other like this, its just so much good work!

Claire said...

Yea, more storyboards! That was a cool scene. The Monarch is a fave and Captain Sunshine was a lot of fun. Also, I always enjoy seeing the groovy interior architecture of the cocoon.

Shivers said...

Hey, thanks guys!
And so glad you liked it, Ian and especially glad you got to add your magic to it!
I think we're been pretty lucky to work on such a cool show, don't you?! :)