Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Voxys

Oh what joy.
I spent all of yesterday evening, photographing one of my favourite
New York City bands at the moment called,

The Voxys

Left to right: Chad Flewwelling (drums), Julian Colin Sylvester (guitars and vocals), William McCormack (bass) & Trevor Murphy (guitars and vocals).

Formed in New York City in 2008, The Voxys' sound has been described as upbeat jangly '60s-inspired melodic garage pop. And if you get a chance to catch these guys live,
you'll not be disappointed, I promise you.

I just love the dude urinating in the background.
NYC... I love ya!

That is all!
x Shivers


duchampo said...

These are great, lazy saturday afternoon!!

galvinator said...

seriously great composition and lighting siobhan great work. Have to say thanks aswell, I got bored with my own music on the mac and listened to your mellow background music. Great stuff, keep up the great work.

BlackBob said...

Great photos!

Shivers said...

Thanks guys!
And glad you like my tracklisting, Tom ;D

xx Shivers

drew said...

My God, you're good. Is it possible to be so talented? Do you do ballet and lecture in astro-physics in your spare time? I wouldn't be surprised...