Saturday, August 16, 2008

World Leaders, Chili-Makin' & Chili-Eatin' Contest.


So towards the end of season 3, Venture Bros production manager, Peedee Shindell and Venture Bros editor, Tom Bayne decided it would be a good idea if the studio had a chili-making contest. The story of how this all came about is a long one, which was formed with untruths and challenges to ones manhood, and shall remain within the walls of World Leaders... to be honest, I just can't be arsed telling it!

Anyway, I must say that the whole studio took this competition very seriously.
There was secrecy, dirty tactics, name calling and hurt feelings for the 2 or 3 weeks run up to the competition. Spies were everywhere, resulting in fights breaking out in the W.L. kitchen.
Tensions were running high. So much so, that the night before the competition, there was a serious altercation between two different teams (who shall remain nameless), in Wholefoods supermarket... ahhhh, it was wonderful to see us all getting along so well.

So anyway, the chili had to be made at home and brought to the studio the next day to be re-heated and judged by a panel of chili experts. No cheese was allowed; it was strictly chili tasting only. Cheese was only added after the competition was over.

The Contestants
Standing left to right: Mike Foran, Rachel Simon, Alex Kwan, Carly Monardo, Lauren Monardo, Tom Bayne, Justin Offner, team Liz Artinian & Jackson Publick, Alexandra Andrew, Nick DeMayo.
And posing down in front... the uber sexy, Mr. Peedee Shindell.

First off...

The Re-Heat

The Judging

And Judges
Left to right: Head Chili Judge, Stephen DeStefano (one of the reasons we had the competition), Jennifer Batinich, Peedee Shindell (one of the organisers/competitors and NOT a judge so shouldn't even be there but I think he's explaining to all how the voting system works), Charlie Miller (President of W.L.), Joe Croson, Ben Stein.

The Wait
Which, now that I see this photo, was also the day we got our crew jackets, courtesy of Jackson Publick. Worn here so fetchingly by Tom Bayne.

While we wait for the votes to be tallied, a heated discussion about cheese...

And the Winner is...
(well, joint winners)

Team Liz Artinian & Jackson Publick (honest to God, it wasn't a fix at all) and Alex Andrews.
Funny thing was, they both used the same online recipe, which used dark chocolate, and yet they both tasted so different.



So to the Chili-Eating contest (oh God, it still makes my stomach turn to think of it), which was a last minute decision undertaken by two of the studio's finest gormandizers, Danny Hynes and Joe Cappabianca.

The Preparation
From left-over chili, scooped so lovingly into paper cups by Alex Andrews and Peedee Shindell.

The Competitors
Danny Hynes and Joe Cappabianca.

The Chili

Let's get ready to rumble...

And we're off...
I love the look on Danny's face here... it says it all.

Both men had very different styles. Danny just went for it, refusing to even stop and taste the chili. Whereas Joe had a much more relaxed approach, as seen here, and was pacing himself much better. Which didn't mean to say he was necessarily enjoying it.

The crowd looks on with baited breath and upset stomachs.

2 hours later...

Joe Cappabianca ladies & gents.
And the poor runner up, threw it all back up, right after the bell went.

That is all!
x Shivers


sdestefano said...

Had a Mac wig-out there.
I just wanted to post a comment about Danny's approach to the eating contest, which mystified me.
He had this idea that if he drank as much water as possible leading up the contest, that it would somehow ease the meat, veggies, spices and cheese into his system, thus allowing him to eat more.
What kind of an eating theory is that!?!

I look good in green plastic bowler hats, don't I?

Shivers said...

Yikes! I forgot about that.
I just remember thinking
"he's gonna spew right here in front of us all and its gonna go EVERYWHERE"!
Which he did, but only after the bell had gone and in private.

Anyway, I'm still proud of him... and the whole storyboard dept was so proud of him.

Bless his little cotton socks.

Maurice said...

The "?" on your contestants is Alex Kwan, who now works over at Word World.

Shivers said...

Oh thank you so much, Maurice!
I was hoping someone would be able to tell me. I just couldn't remember... SORRY ALEX!!!

xx Shivers

Chunks The Mighty said...

LOL It's okay! I didn't really talk too much there on account of being super shy, I'm workin' on it! I'm glad there was finally an exhibition of this awesome day. Now I finally get the behind the scenes look at the cheese decision :D

Carly Monardo said...

HAHAHA Great post, Shivers! We should make this a seasonal thing :D