Monday, November 12, 2007

People are strange...

Well... not so sure if anyone on here remembers one of my first posts about a sketch I had done of my friends in The Stranglers that had made it onto the back of a mad fan as a tattoo.... ahem... well... here it is.....!!!!!!

I do in fact know this guy but I still think its hilarious/completely bonkers that he did this but if you knew him and his wife this is one of the many Strangler tattoos that they share between them so its not really that odd!

Madness! :D

xx Shivers

Photo's courtesy of Ava Rave... thanks Ava!


Lauren said...

I can tell you're just brimming over with pride!

kaNO! said...

Freakin nuts, WOW!!

Ava said...

wow...what great photo's!! haha..

Shivers said...

ACK! I knew I'd left you out and meant to rectify it ages ago... SORRY!!

So adjustment made and thanks again, Ava!

xx Shivers