Saturday, October 27, 2007

Times Sq Madness thru a Fisheye Lens

Last Thursday night saw myself and an old college friend, Andrew Kavanagh (who's actually staying with me at the mo), descend upon Times Sq after a night in the Edison Hotel bar.

We went there with the sole purpose of seeing Dominic Chianese, aka Uncle Junior from The Sopranos, sing some jazz... and excited we were... (awww, just look at 'im!)

Alas, he doesn't even perform on Thursday nights but does indeed perform every Monday night so I shall be going back and with a number of people in tow I imagine.

T'was a pity really but sure, we had fun all the same watching the over 60 regulars hitting on each other.

So, to Times Square with my beautiful new Nikon camera and fisheye lens.
We stumbled out onto the streets of Manhattan after midnight and proceeded to wreak havoc on inanimate objects much to the amusement of unsuspecting tourists.

I'm quite surprised Andrew didn't get a ticket, never mind arrested!

I love the guy at the bottom of this next shot...


Andrew singing his heart out...

Hmmm... does my bum look big with this fisheye lens?! :)

Thanks Andrew, for a fun night (and week)... I haven't been that silly in ages!!


xx Shivers


J. Cho said...

Shivvers! Hi, it's me Jisuk, the intern who sat next to you at World Leaders. These photos are fantastic. We miss having you around! Quick question, do you think it would be all right if I referenced the last photo in this set for a background drawing? The fisheye lens is amazing.

Shivers said...

Hi J!

Sure, that's no problem. It's nice that you asked. So what's the project?!


J. Cho said...

Thanks! Just a simple illustration, I'd be happy to show you once it's finished (and give you credit for the photo).