Thursday, August 30, 2007

Legs 11

The subject in this photo shall remain nameless cos she (or he LOL) doesn't really like this photo but I have to say that I just I adore it... its just so bizarre and beautiful at the same time!
(Heyyyyyyyyyyy! and that kinda looks like cocaine on the ground??!!!! Hmmmm)

Take it easy out there, folks!



Lovelace said...

Well, to me it looks like the tail end of one of those slo-mo spaceship shots, the vast ship slides majestically through the frame, up & out, pan down to cocaine-like exploded-planet residue.

Or just some chick's legs from a vertiguous (not in disctionary) angle.

Lovelace said...

disctionary is not in the dictionary either.

Shivers said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Doug... you craic me up!

xxx Shivers