Tuesday, February 12, 2008

DAFT (as a brush) PUNK!

Myself and Stephen recently travelled to Niagara Falls. I was mightily impressed with the Falls themselves but the rest of the place fell very short of what I was expecting. It was all casino's and haunted houses! Pfffffffffffft!

Anyway, this was my one of favourite shots from that trip. Close Encounters of the Stephen Kind!

x Shivers


Well, now that I have some downtime I can start posting again!

And so, to continue on with a Venture Bros theme... I give you some grainy shots of our leaders, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, sitting outside the studio on a warm summer's evening.

And no I wasn't spying on them... we, the crew, had finished for the evening and were drinking in the hotel bar across the street.

Happy Days!!! :)