Monday, April 14, 2008

Amsterdam Arm In Arm

Well I'm rather chuffed with myself, tonight!

I've just received three copies of Amsterdam's Arm In Arm from Al Hale @ Crusin' Music Managment.
Thanks Al!

And I'm chuffed because the photographs that were used for AMSTERDAM's brand new album, were taken by me back in Oct '06 on Asbury Park's boardwalk in New Jersey.

It wasn't even an official photo session. I was just in the right place at the right time trying to capture Mr Ian Prowse, (a Bruce Springsteen fanatic) when he wasn't acting the maggot, on the rather barren boardwalk during an overcast, miserable day.

It wasn't the most fun I've ever had on a Saturday afternoon but it certainly turned out to be something special.

The 2nd photo (from the back of the album) is actually made up of two photo's that I pieced together.

Ian isn't even in the original shot of the feather. I added him from another photo that I took. Which I blurred and flopped so it looks like he's walking towards the ocean in a rather melancholy way, which actually suits him.

Original Ian Shot:

Original feather shot (which was just there and not planted by me):

Orignal feather shot, adjusted for contrast:

Merged photo's:

And hey presto! The album shot (you can see that Ian's been moved slightly to the left to allow for track titles):

It turned out OK, methinks but it's great to have the final product here in my hands after so long.

And hey, the music's not too bad either so pick up a copy if ya can! :)

xxx Shivers